Vocal Microphone Shield

Sterling VMS Vocal Microphone Shield


Vocal Reflections in an Untreated Room
Vocal Reflections; some are harmonic, well-engineered reverberations that actually enhance and fill a vocal style; most others are not.

Sterling’s Vocal Microphone Shield adds greater clarity and isolation to your vocal tracks and improves your vocal sound quality for any recording, live or in the studio.

Reduce Vocal Reflections in an Untreated Room
The Sterling VMS features deep foam ribs that absorb high and mid frequency energy, while the perforations of the back shield diffuse low frequency energy as it passes through, rather than reflecting back into the microphone. All you get is the full rich sound of your vocals recorded directly from the sound path.

Guitar Amplifier Isolation
Sterling’s Vocal Microphone shield is versatile; just remove the adjustable mounting bracket and set it up for close miking your favorite guitar amplifier.

The large surface area with absorption and diffusion on 3 sides controls ambient space around the microphone so you can get a clean, true isolation from your instrument without bleeding into the ambient room mics or any other channel that happens to be nearby.

Acoustic Guitar Isolation
Acoustic guitar is one of the more beautiful- and challenging instruments to record; sound reflections in the hollow body of the guitar can mixed with the room’s own hard surface reverberations can really mess up a mix.

Sterling’s VMS creates an intimate sound field around the mic and delivers a cleaner, more articulated guitar track- without adding the noise and feedback possible with hollow instrument recording.

Sterling VMS Vocal Microphone Shield

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