Utility Microphone Shield

Sterling UMS Utility Microphone Shield


Vocal/Guitar Isolation
A great way to allow precision control and variability in your professional recordings is to isolate the microphones between a musician’s voice and instrument from one another; Sterling’s compact, light Sterling UMS is an excellent choice for just this task.

When using 2 microphones in proximity like this without proper separation troublesome issues like cancellation and phasing can occur, leaving the recording thin and unnatural. The UMS will ensure excellent proximity separation between these mics.

Podcast/Desktop Isolation
Sterling’s Utility Microphone Shield does an excellent job of keeping unwanted vocal reflections to an absolute minimum.

When you’re recording any podcast or YouTube speaking performance you want to have the most discreet isolation from other room surfaces to ensure the highest clarity and annunciation transfer.

Crash/Ride Cymbal Isolation
Unwanted acoustic reflections come from multiple sources: Intended sound source reflecting off of untreated walls and ceilings back into the microphone pick-up pattern; unintended sound source bleeding into the microphone.

Snare/Hi-Hat Isolation
The Sterling UMS has an extremely versatile lightweight aluminum design which includes a flexible gooseneck that easily clamps to most microphone stands, so you can hook it up in almost any angle or configuration to accommodate the complexities of drum microphone placement.

Keeping the hi-hat isolated from the snare drum gives you a perfect clean mix that’s highly controllable; for a robust full recording you can always add distant reflections with room ambient mics as well.

Sterling UMS Utility Microphone Shield

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